Social Media Insiders: Turn Photos Into Graphics for Instagram

IGWorcesterMa’s workshop series, The Social Media Insiders, helps small business owners improve their online presence. I was invited to give a short talk. I showed attendees how they can use their own photos to quickly create graphics for special occasions or promotions for their businesses.

The apps I used for this demonstration are:

  • Over – adds text and graphics to images
  • Prisma – applies filters that are inspired by famous artists
  • A Color Story – a versatile color overlays and other useful effects

Now The Day Can Start

I used my phone and took a photo of my coffee siting on my kitchen counter. It’s a boring photo. The only interesting thing about it is it says “Worcester, Massachusetts” on it and this graphic was to be used on my Worcester Turtle Boy Instagram feed which is very Worcester-centric.

I used Prisma to create the painting effect and added a rectangle graphic with a low opacity setting to the lower third of the image. I then added the text graphic as an upper layer and included a very slight drop shadow with no blur set.

Happy Holidays

This second image took a little more work than just snapping a photo of my coffee and running a few filters.

Again, using my phone’s camera, I took a photo. This time, it’s a tiny wooden reindeer ornament. I have a cheap plastic backdrop (really, poster board would do); for lighting, a small, battery-powered, under-cabinet fluorescent light that can be found anywhere. This one came from a supermarket.

I applied color and other effects in Color Story, experimenting until I had a look that I liked. Next I used a snowflake overlay and some text in Over.

Happy New Year!

For this last image,  I went to the Burnside Fountain in Worcester with my Nikon and took a photo of the statue with a holiday wreath around the boy’s neck.

I cropped the photo to a square and used Prisma to give it a painting effect. After that I added the text in Over. Other than the trip downtown, this was about five minutes of experimenting with filters and settings to get something I was happy with.


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