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Mad Dogs Unchained Live At The Arcadia Ballroom 11/17/18

In November, we shot and edited Mad Dogs Unchained Live at the Acadia Ballroom at the White Eagle in Worcester, MA. Their group is a tribute to the music of Joe Cocker featuring former members of his band. Deric Dyer, Cliff Goodwin & Mitch Chakour. Today, we’re happy to help announce the release of the video.

The Band:

  • Elliott Tuffin: Lead Vocals
  • Cliff Goodwin: Guitar / Vocals
  • Mitch Chakour: Piano / B-3 / Vocals
  • Deric Dyer: Sax / Keyboards / Congas
  • Marty Richards: Drums
  • Wolf Ginandes: Bass
  • Megan Wolf: Vocals / Percussion

Our Work

Jason shot close-ups of the band while Damon managed audio and the second camera getting wide shots from the balcony.

The Full Concert

Camera 1 and Video Edit: Jason Snell
Camera 2 and Audio: Damon Bousquet

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